(English) Three Styles To Inspire Your New Bedroom Design

Your decorating preferences may changes over time, but a good design can be tweaked and tailored to last forever. When deciding on what bedroom design you’d like to go for think of these consider the following: you can always change the paint colour and you can always change the accent accessories so invest in good quality furniture designs to fit your space and you will have a space that you will love for years.

Below you will find three bedroom design ideas and tips on how to achieve each atmosphere. The relaxing Zen den will inspire relaxation, the minimalist space will keep it simple and clean and the rustic room encourages creativity and coziness. Between accent walls and staple furniture designs, your bedroom will become your favourite room in the house.

Think calming neutral colours, Buddha statues and different shades of green. A Zen bedroom design will feature pieces with clean lines and spa-like accents. Pick a furniture design with simple angles in rich dark shades or natural grains like bamboo. Consider having a sage coloured accent wall – the colour green promotes comfort and relaxation which is exactly what you need at the end of a long day. Bringing in a bit of nature like fresh flowers or healing crystals like amethyst or quartz will be the perfect finishing touches your Zen bedroom needs.

Minimalistic bedroom designs have become very popular in the last few years. The atmosphere is very clean with white and grey finishes and simple accents. Choose a cool grey colour for the walls and furniture design that has a very dark or very light finish – there’s no in between. When choosing accessories to decorate with, accent pillows in sheep skin and black and white patterns fit just right. Light a few sandalwood candles and you’ve found your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid to be a bit quirky with a rustic bedroom design. If you can find some cool faux-taxidermy, this is a fantastic piece for the focal point of the room. Choose furniture designs with a very raw and unfinished look to give it a more cabin feel. A cozy knit blanket at the end of the bed in a soothing robin’s egg blue is a great accent piece to inspire the rest of your bedroom design. Wicker baskets are perfect to store socks and slippers and some birch tree sticks in a large vase will bring that outdoor feel inside for you to enjoy.