(English) Use Living Room Design Inspirations to Include Sitting Room in Your Bedroom Design

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When looking for inspiration in your bedroom design try adding a seating arrangement to help make the space feel more inviting. While you might normally associate couches with living room design they can really open up a bedroom and are both cozy and functional. Perfect for use during an afternoon tete-a-tete with an intimate friend or as a retreat from the worries of the day, a comfortable sitting room within the bedroom extends the functionality of the bedroom from sleeping and dressing to a warmer and more inviting extension of your personal living space.

Furniture Arrangement

Don’t despair if you think that your room is too small to include living room design within your bedroom. Use the area at the base of your bed for seating or locate a small but comfortable chair to place in an available corner. When the available space is larger, begin the bedroom design process by placing your chairs or a love seat in an area of interest such as near windows or by a fireplace. Work to partition the room into distinctly different uses by creating easy to clean pathways between larger pieces of furniture.

Select Your Seating

Always work within your space limitations but feel free to select interesting pieces such as chaise lounges or over-sized ottomans to add flavor. Depending upon the type of windows, a bedroom design that incorporates window seats frees up floor space for a more spacious feel. Comfort is key so include thick rugs and over-sized pillows for floor seating when space restrictions are severe. Sectioning off an area with couches, tables, and chairs for heart-to-heart conversations in larger bedrooms makes effective use of available space.

Bedroom Design Decorations for Your Sitting Area

Take tips from the living room design experts and use area rugs to set your sitting room apart from your sleeping area. Position furniture along the edges of the carpet to clearly define the sitting room space. No matter what else you decide to do, make sure to have a table or other surface available for coffee cups, wine glasses, or books. If you are a hard core reader, try combining a coffee table with a bookshelf as its base to save space.

Many people fall into the habit of using the chairs and sofas that are located within their bedrooms as collection sites. Prevent this from happening by using living room design principles that make clean up a breeze. Simply by creating and maintaining open pathways to your closets and other storage areas, you will keep your new favorite place pristine and inviting. Once you become accustomed to relaxing in your comfortable new sitting area, it will quickly become your go-to space for relaxation and respite.