(English) Living Room Design Trends in 2014

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A new year brings new trends into the fold. These trends are sure to bring something new and fresh into your living room for 2014. Furniture design is leaning toward elegance with an edge while living room design is getting bold especially on the walls. Both will bring out a balance that’s unlike any other trend in years past.

The Chosen One: Homeowners are showing favoritism toward one room. That doesn’t mean the rest of the rooms aren’t special; it means the chosen room is the focal point for the rest of the home. Many homeowners will choose the bathroom, the kitchen or the bedroom to be the chosen room. This year the living room is becoming the focal point of the home. Make the living room design the main attraction of the house and watch how easily the other rooms follow suit. More specifically choose the light fixture or furniture design as the main attraction in the room. As the living room is a natural place for conversation living room design should attract guests to that area of the house.

Going Green: Homeowners are becoming aware of the harmful effects of the environment, and 2014 has placed a heightened awareness on this in living room design. LED lights in light fixtures and natural sunlight are in because both uses less electricity than light bulbs. Lights bring a warmth and inviting feel to furniture design, style, decor and living room design.

Color Coordinated: Bold bright colors are the newest trend in furniture design. Various shades of blue, yellow, orange and green are making furniture more than just an eye-catching piece. To balance out the bright hues of your furniture design use grey as it is the new neutral color. It started to trend late last year and is now a must-have item. White, the hot color last year, is starting to blush. Whites are being blended with another color such as pink or blue for a blush-like finish. Similar to the blush color in makeup, the blush tone on walls gives it an edge that goes well with different colors of furniture design. The blush shade is not limited to half-white; red-violet is another hot blush color for walls. If paint isn’t your thing wallpaper is coming back in style. Pick one that is easy to come off in case it doesn’t work out for your wall.

Natural Texture: Wood and tile are a trend in furniture design. Include suede, silk, felt and sheepskin in the decor as these textures are trending as well. The texture is molded into soft upholstery, thick-cut tops, geometric shapes and/or inlaid bone. Antique makeovers and handmade items are trending in living room design.

Straight No Chaser: Take your pick on texture; make sure the furniture design is made up of straight lines. Straight lines are hot now, and it gives furniture a clean and slick look with a no-nonsense finish. The lines in this furniture trend will have an edge because the lines will balance and bring comfort to the living room design.