Is a Modern Kitchen on Your Horizon?

Many years ago, a very well-known talk-show host and design guru was giving a tour of her New York apartment to a camera crew. She stepped into her immaculately modern kitchen and informed the audience that what they were seeing was a contemporary kitchen, and not a dainty kitchen designed for country living.

I was always puzzled as to how this person, who was so well versed in design, would be so adamant that a modern kitchen had to possess certain characteristics to be called as such. Indeed, it was a kitchen where lines were emphasized, where clutter was unseen and where, of course, the kitchen appliances were brand new, shiny and sleek.

Indeed, no matter where we look online, it seems as though the most incredible designers—the ones whose kitchen designs make you sigh in envy— always prefer modern kitchens to traditional, dainty ones.

Jealousy is such a terrible feeling to have… so let’s find out how we can get a modern kitchen for ourselves!

Shining a Light on Your New Space

A kitchen with a modern feel will almost always — first and foremost — have recess lighting. While some of us might be intimidated at the thought of installing new lighting, did you know there are many video tutorials online that can teach you the process install them yourself?

If you know someone who is handy with their hands and tools, why not invite them over next weekend and ask them to assist, in exchange for a delicacy made in your own modern-kitchen-to-be?

Everything in its Place

A modern kitchen is synonymous with order, simplicity and functionality. Indeed, counter tops are bare, save for your favourite espresso machine and a potted flower (such as an orchid or amaryllis) to give your modern space a touch of warmth and personality.

Tucking away your coffee maker and pots and pans doesn’t have to be a pain when you have modern cabinets and a perfectly designed storage system as well. Why not browse around and see what would work for your kitchen?

Looking to the Horizon

Designers of all stripes agree: one absolute design element found in every modern kitchen is an emphasis placed on the linear quality of the elements, especially on horizontal lines.

Any online search will prove it: counter tops, tables and kitchen appliances are impeccable, unencumbered by clutter, and elongated in form. Interestingly enough, countertops are now offered in such a range of materials and colours, you are certain to find the one that makes your heart flutter!

So ….how about you? Is a modern kitchen on your horizon?